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January 15, 2009


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Click on the image below to see the stickfight animated gif I made using Pivot.

October 24, 2007

3D Modeling Software from Google

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I was reading my latest issue of Fine Woodworking when I paged to an article about free easy to use 3D modeling software. Typically free CAD software implies either difficult to use tools, however this latest software comes from Google and is surprisingly just as advertised. I highly recommend downloading Google’s SketchUp (download link) software or at least visiting the webpage to see what you can do with it.  Note, I am in no way affiliated with Google.

October 21, 2007

Recumbent/Upright Bike, nifty

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April 15, 2007

Human Powered Vehicle

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Check out these videos of human powered vehicles going really fast. These are recumbent bikes fitted with aerodynamic fairings.

Here is what we hope doesn’t happen:

This video gives you a sense of just how fast these bikes are going:

An interesting video about the Battle Mountain HPV speedweek

April 10, 2007

More Youtube vids and other news

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I think this Youtube video could be a sign of the increasing voice of grassroots democracy that the modern internet era may help to embolden.

In other news, Dominic who is equally crazy in terms of being willing to try very unorthodox things showed me this kit that you can put on a standard mountain bike that will propel it at 40 mph and still give you about 150 mpg. Link to the site that sells the kits is here. Additionally we are interested in putting together aerodynamic recumbent bicycles along the lines of those seen on this website here. Oh, and FYI every human power speed record has been set using a recumbent bicycle.

For Ryan here is the physics simulator I was using to estimate fuel efficiency of the highly aerodynamic recumbent vehicle.

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