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September 22, 2006

Ah, weekend

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Finished yet another week at work. Our department has seen quite a bit of turnover in the last 6 months and especially the last 3 months. We have more people in our department with less than 3 months experience than with more than 3 months experience. So quite a bit of my day is spent training new people on how to do less than exciting things. Furthermore it means a lot of my own personal growth has suffered. There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel. We have a new manager starting in our department in a few weeks who is a Fellow of the CAS (Casualty Actuary Society) which means he’s smart.

On a more personal note, I’ve starting more regularly going to Master Swimming which is good ‘cus I’m going back for my college alumni swim meet in about a month and therefore hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much. It will probably be somewhat of a somber reunion because one of our swimmers was battling cancer and unfortunately died far too young. He’ll definitely be missed.

To answer Ryan’s comment to my last post. My knee which I injured on an attempted bike trip along the east coast (with Ryan of course) last summer is fine after the biathlon. I will be going to an orthopedist (who comes recommended from a marathon runner I know) to check on what might be causing its less than ideal function. It did somewhat limit the amount of training I could do this triathlon season, mostly when I would run which is much higher impact it would flare up. Anyway, hopefully I will be able to get some answers and fix the problem.

September 17, 2006

Introduction and Recent Adventures

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I’m a little over a year out of college now and had my one year employment anniversary at my new employer. I work in the actuarial department at an insurance company and have so far pass Exam FM and am currently studying for Exam P which if I pass will be 2 of 9 exams necessary to become a Fellow in the Casualty Actuary Society. Each of the exams is extremely challenging (about a 30% pass rate typically).

Last weekend I competed in the Great Lake Escape triathlon, sort of. I say “sort of” because it was supposed to be a triathlon, but due to extremely high winds on Lake Erie which caused very rough water (about 6 foot cresting waves) the swim was canceled which was replaced by a 5k run. So the race ended up being a biathlon (5k run – 40k bike – 10k run). Even though the swim was canceled (which is my strongest discipline) I still had a really amazing race. My splits were the best I have posted from any race, both the 40k and 10k were improvements over last year’s race, and I finished hard on the run which I have struggled with in past races.

I’m glad I could end the season on such a positive note, although I was a little bit bummed that it wasn’t exactly the event for which I had trained. I’m very glad to be done with training and now have a chance to focus on other important things in my life.

I also recently moved to a new apartment which is much closer to work. It is a better apartment in almost every respect. I am starting to settle in and bring about some semblance of organization.

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