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November 3, 2006

All work and no play

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By the title of this post you can probably surmise that I’ve been working a little bit more than is probably good for my long term sanity. Plus I’ve had so much work that studying for my exam has been pushed to the wayside. My exam is on December 1st and if I pass would bode very well for my next performance review at work as I will have passed two exams in succession.

Aside from the stress of work, on the athletic front I have been using a heart rate monitor while I run, which forces me to stay in an aerobic training zone. At this intensity your muscles primarily are using metabolized fat for fuel. But the main reason I have been using a heart rate monitor is based on reading about Mark Allen’s recommendation of the Maffetone method to develop endurance running ability which has been the biggest struggle for me in my triathlon training. So far I have to admit it has been very beneficial. It requires a great deal of patience because the prescribed heart rate zones force you to run at what seems to be a very slow pace. However since I have been training this way I have had no problems with a former knee injury of mine.

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