Adventures in Smarshland

January 14, 2007


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Bad week, got sick on Wednesday and found out I failed my actuarial exam. I passed my previous exam, so from the standpoint of my employer I am doing well on my exam progress but it is still no fun having to study for the same exam. On the upside, I have another week of work before I am taking a week long (10 days) vacation in Puerto Valarta Mexico. Should be a nice change from the subfreezing daily highs we’ve been experiencing here.

And here is a representative (Ryan won the majority of the time) picture of our games of the Great Dalmudi from over the Holidays:

Other fun from the holidays included traveling around the Puget Sound with my parents which including seeing a new bridge under construction along side the Tacoma-Narrows bridge.

Seeing Mount Rainier over a harbor we ate lunch at:

Seeing the military vessels stationed at Bainbridge:

And seeing Seattle on our way back on the Ferry:

And on an entirely different topic, the Parkins got a new puppy (a guide dog in training named Brazil):

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