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July 27, 2007

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

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If you think you are a libertarian and in favor of letting everyone make their own choices whether you agree with them or not, whether they are informed, and not allowing government to be paternalistic in the least bit then I suggest you read this article, probably the best reasoned article in economics literature I have ever read.

A Successful Bike Ride After Long Week

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I’m of the theory that the best way to forget the office is to hit the open rode using nothing but human power. Today’s ride fit the bill. Just over 50 miles makes it close to the distance I’ll be racing for my Half Ironman, except then there is the matter of the 13.1 mile run which follows. As far as where my training is now, I think I will complete the race, but will be pretty whipped afterward. More information on the race here:

The race course is very fast and flat, looks like this:

With an elevation profile that looks like this:

Race Course

July 14, 2007

Toronto Film Festival, Murphy’s Bike Ride, and Fixing Laptop

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First, we (Ryan, Dan, and Myself) purchased our Toronto Film Festival ticket package. It should be a fun time. I will also be in the final weeks of my Half-Ironman triathlon training preparation, which will pose some logistical challenges, but ones I think I can work around. Plus I will be on vacation and not working 8 hours a day which most definitely is more taxing than watching a few movies a day.

Speaking of training, I went out for a bike ride today and got a slow leak, which left my front tire flat. Then my pump broke. Crap. So, I did the only thing I could do, ride it flat back to the next major rode, which thankfully has a fair amount of people that bike along it. I was lucky enough to run into someone who had a pump which worked. But I ended up ruining my nice Kevlar tire in the process; it was good enough to get me home, but the sidewall now has some of the internal stitching exposed which is dangerous.

When I got back I went to Radio Shack to pick up some electronics parts to fix my laptop’s (HP Pavilion ze4400) power connection which had gone on the fritz. The power was only charging the battery intermittently. After significant work to remove all of the very hidden screws on the case, including having to pull up the speakers and remove the keyboard, I was able to separate the top housing from the motherboard housing. This exposed the malfunctioning connector which looks to be extremely flimsy and was originally poorly soldered. So using a very low wattage soldering iron I resoldered the connection and that seemed to do the trick. Just in case though I added my own connector to the same DC charging connection points. That way if the original connection breaks again I can use my own proprietary connection without having to open the laptop again. Amazingly everything worked. Usually when I open complex electronics equipment with the intention of fixing something I just end up breaking it more, but I actually was able to fix this problem and put it all back together. Hat tip to Ryan for telling me about needing to remove the speakers to expose more screws. I should have some pictures up on my gallery soon of the electronics surgery.

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