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December 14, 2007

Go Ahead, Cheat on Your Significant Other

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I found out about an amazing website today.  Apparently, you can cheat on your significant other as long as you make sure that someone else doesn’t cheat.  This is what you might consider “Cheating Neutral”.  How can I buy such Cheating Offsets you ask, through an intermediary such as the website CheatNeutral.  So go ahead and sully that relationship of yours, just make sure to offset your cheating.  Also, you should buy a Hummer and use it for commuting in single occupancy style.  But remember to purchase carbon offsets.  Here’s another idea, MLB needs to create a steroid use trading exchange.  Bud Selig would allow for a fixed number of doses of steroids and distribute them equally among players and the players could then trade them on the “Juice Exchange”.  Really an enterprising entrepreneur needs to get on this pronto.  I should write for the Onion.

December 2, 2007

Useful add-on, BugMeNot, avoid pesty registration for websites

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Hate having to register for websites that require you to give your email and a thousand other personal information items? Do you keep a separate junk email address just for these registration websites to avoid getting spam like I do? I think you will appreciate a handy plugin for Firefox called BugMeNot. You can download the extension here. It has a sister plugin called RetailMeNot, which will inform you of available coupons and promo codes for websites you are browsing. Although I have yet to try RetailMeNot, I have been impressed with the BugMeNot plugin and will give it a whirl as well. Both plugins rely on the users to some degree to update the backbone website with information. For instance if you come across a website that requires registration, you can volunteer yourself as the guinea pig and fill out the information to get a valid username and password which everyone else can benefit from. A similar concept applies to the retail version, if you are aware of a promo code you can enter the information on the RetailMeNot website which will in turn alert everyone who visits that retail website with the plugin installed.

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